About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Robson Franco, the pioneer and main icon behind the introduction of Amazon's superfood products (like the well known Açaí) in the region, Amazonas4U was established to deliver high quality and sustainably harvested Açaí and superfood directly from Brazil to the GCC countries.

Our commitment to providing only the highest quality Açaí and superfood products helped to establish Amazonas4U as the leading importer and distributor in the region.

We work with certified producers, and fair trade harvesters to help promote sustainable and organic harvesting, supporting the local communities and preserving the Amazon Rainforest.

Robson Franco

Our Values

  • Commitment with quality
  • Respect to our clients
  • Reliability to our partners
  • Care for the environment

Our Mission

To bring only quality certified products
To give support to our clients in their business
To be trusted by our clients

Our Vision

To enable further cultures to experience the health benefits and the incredible taste of
acai products, while being the reference for superior quality products


From the palm tree to your bowl

  • 1

    The Beginning

    The Açaí berries grow in palm trees
    in the heart of the Amazon
  • 2

    The Harvest

    Local harvesters hand-pick the Açaí
    from the palm trees using
    traditional methods
  • Pulping

    The Açaí pulp is pasteurized to
    ensure the berries are safe for
    consumption and stored in
    controlled temperature to keep its
    tasting profile and nutrients
  • Transportation

    The berries are packed
    in crates and transported to the
    local farms for separation and
  • 5


    The final stage of the Açaí
    production happens in the main
    plant, where they use the fresh
    pulp to produce the Açaí purée
  • 6


    From São Paulo, the Açaí is packed and
    shipped to the world

What our partners say

“We have come a long way together and are the pioneers in introducing 100% pure Açaí to our guests, day after day, week after week, year after year. We couldn't be where we are without Amazonas4U”

Claudio Leenders
Founder - The Surf Cafe - UAE

“My customers say that we have the best Acai in Dubai! That’s a good enough reason for me to endorse Amazonas4U, right? You guys certainly do have the best in quality, availability and service. It’s a pleasure dealing with you and your teaam, never an issue with availability or deliveries. You guys rock! Thanks for the awesome service”

Jacqueline Godinho
Managing Director - Stomping Grounds Café - UAE

“Amazonas4U has been the best partner for us since the very beginning.”

Marcio Saboya
Founder - The Açaí Spot Café - Dubai

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